On Tour With Passenger… Again!

What a pleasure it was to be back out with this lovely band and crew.

I was asked to to go back out with Passenger on his festival tour of Europe, looking after everything onstage, ensuring efficient and effective change-overs on the major, high-pressure festivals as well as the more delightful one-off shows; like the one pictured above in the Italian Gardone Rivera!

With nearly every show outside in the glorious European summer, it was an utter delight to break out the shorts and work on the tan, whilst being in some of the most beautiful locations.

We also had some shows which were a real treat, such as bucket-list gig at Montreux Jazz Festival and a highly entertaining show at the Austrian Grand Prix weekend, we even got VIP seats to watch the Qualifying and Race-day.

All in all a superb run and I can’t wait for the next one.